Honesty in dealing and accuracy in implementation


medical equipmente transportation

The company specializes in the transfer of radiology devices and dealing with the largest international companies such as GE, Philips, Semins, united fugi (open magnetic resonance (MRI open) – closed magnetic resonance (MRI) – computed tomography (CT) – X-ray (XRAY) – PET CT devices
The company also transferred the first PET MRI device in Egypt and the Middle East.
The devices are dealt with the latest transportation equipment, winches and equipped cars in order to preserve the safety of the devices that we deliver through our company under the supervision of a trained team in dealing with medical devices,
The company deals in all business sites by encouraging heights,

Cargo transportation

The company specializes in all types of land and international transport with all equipment and cars (dry transport – refrigerated transport – container transport – closed transport – yards – cranes of all weights – clarks for loading and unloading throughout the Republic)
We have rental services for cranes, clarks and cars
All cars are equipped with the latest tracking technology and 24-hour monitoring

Custome Clearance

The company has a working team with experience and trained in the latest logistical technologies in the field of customs clearance (air – sea), as well as dealing with all government agencies necessary to finish the procedures for clearing goods as soon as possible while taking into account the quality of service

Managers and workers transfer service

Al-Hawary Company provides transportation services to employees in all companies and factories, with cars and buses on the latest model, with fully air-conditioned vehicles and trained drivers to ensure comfort and adherence to the agreed upon attendance and departure times.

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What is the maximum number of floors that you can serve?

The company has no maximum floors or heights. We can serve you in all required heights

Can the transportation equipment and vehicles be rented from the company?

Yes, we have a rental service for equipment, cranes and cargo cars

How does the company insure shipments during transportation?

The company provides the latest tracking technology in all its cars 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of shipments

Can the company deal with precision medical equipment?

Yes, as the company includes trained workers with the latest technologies to ensure the safety of the most accurate medical equipment for the largest companies in the world

What is the geographical distribution network for the coverage of the company?

The company’s services cover all governorates of the Republic and some regions internationally

What is the maximum weights that you can transport?

The company has no maximum weights. We can serve you with all required weights